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Chapter 11 Notes


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 COM and CORBAŽ Side by Side

Before you attempt to run the examples, make sure that you have properly configured your environment.

Click here for information related to the configuration that I used on my computers.

Click here for an overview of the Chapter 11 examples.

Building the Chapter 11 Example

To build the Chapter 11 examples, run the _make.bat file in each of the following directories. Note that the order is important.


Add the com_to_corba_bridge component to an MTS package named "Ch11".

Running the Chapter 11 Example

The CORBA server must be started manually. To start the server, execute the following:


After the CORBA server is started, an IOR will be generated and placed in the following file:


To run the client application, execute the _run.bat file located in the com_client directory.


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